Blog Awards Ireland

It’s that time of year again already – the Blog Awards Ireland nominations have opened!

This is the third outing for the awards that champion blogging creativity across the island of Ireland, and The Patchwork Quill has been lucky enough to be shortlisted in both previous years.

If you would like to nominate any of Ireland’s many amazing blogs and sites, click the button above! For each blog you nominate, you need to provide an email address for the blog, as well as the county the blog owner lives in.

So, suppose you wanted to nominate the PQ…. you’d have to tell them I live in County Antrim and that my email address is thepatchworkquill <at> gmail <dot> com. Just, y’know, giving you a wee example there. Ahem… 

Blog Awards Ireland has a great FAQ page here and a list and explanation of the categories here. They have changed a few things with the categories – ‘Fashion’ and ‘Beauty’ have been separated into two categories, for example – so make sure you read the criteria for each carefully on the nomination form.

Nominees will be announced on 25 July.

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