The PQ Q&A: AGR Moore

AGR Moore is a Belfast author who has self-published his first two books, both in electronic and paperback formats.    The Unseen Chronicles of Amelia Black was released in August 2011 and A Boy Named Hogg followed in December 2012.     He also writes short stories and earlier this year published A Gurumapa in the Wood, which is still available… Continue reading The PQ Q&A: AGR Moore


The PQ Q&A: Melanie Bond Jewellery

Keeping with the theme of August Craft Month, the second PQ Q&A  brings you the bold, colourful, larger-than-life creations of Co. Down jewellery maker Melanie Bond. Self-taught, she has been creating handmade jewellery for ten years, launching Melanie Bond Jewellery in 2010. Her pieces have been commissioned by celebrities, adorned catwalk models, and featured on… Continue reading The PQ Q&A: Melanie Bond Jewellery


The PQ Q&A: Papergirl Belfast

This is the first in a new regular feature I am introducing - The PQ Q&A. The plan at the moment is to post a Q&A article every other Friday. The frequency may change (it might work better weekly, or monthly), but the day will stay the same. The subject could be an artist, individual,… Continue reading The PQ Q&A: Papergirl Belfast