PQ Q&A: Author, illustrator and designer Helena Duggan

Helena Duggan is a graphic designer and author based in Kilkenny. She runs her own graphic design company, Held Design, and has worked on branding and design projects for a wide range of companies and organisations across Ireland. More recently, she has moved into writing and published her first children's book, A Place Called Perfect, in 2012.… Continue reading PQ Q&A: Author, illustrator and designer Helena Duggan


The PQ Q&A: AGR Moore

AGR Moore is a Belfast author who has self-published his first two books, both in electronic and paperback formats. The Unseen Chronicles of Amelia Black was released in August 2011 and A Boy Named Hogg followed in December 2012. He also writes short stories and earlier this year published A Gurumapa in the Wood, which is still available for free download.


The PQ Q&A: Melanie Bond Jewellery

Keeping with the theme of August Craft Month, the second PQ Q&A  brings you the bold, colourful, larger-than-life creations of Co. Down jewellery maker Melanie Bond.


The PQ Q&A: Papergirl Belfast

The first PQ Q&A is with the two-woman team behind Papergirl Belfast, a lovely initiative aimed at distributing free artworks to members of the public. Jodie Young, a graphic designer, and Julie Steenson, who works in book publishing, tell us how their love of art led them to becoming papergirls...