The Great British Sewing Bee 2013

Creating a buzz: The Great British Sewing Bee

Tuesday of this week brought the first episode of a series I have been looking forward to for several weeks - The Great British Sewing Bee. Made by the same folks that brought us The Great British Bake Off - it looks set to have a similar effect on the world of sewing as GBBO… Continue reading Creating a buzz: The Great British Sewing Bee

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Goodbye Patrick; time for Luke.

¬† TO ANY DWELLER IN LEWIS STREET And do you know a man was born in your short street of brick and slate who made his life a simple chart that he might keep inviolate the clear precision of his sight for curve of hill and field and tree that he might set their colours… Continue reading Goodbye Patrick; time for Luke.


Diwali and Samhain

Sadly, as I write this, there are only a few days left of ArtsEkta's Indo-Celtic festival, however I would still like to share the parts of Diwali and Samhain I have been a part of. The celebrations aren't over¬†until this Sunday, so please check out the programme to see what's on. I really recommend the… Continue reading Diwali and Samhain

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Monday, Monday – more than I hoped it would be…

I have mentioned her once or twice in previous posts, but I'm delighted to finally be featuring my lovely¬†grandmother, and the artist group she has been part of for many years, the Lisnagarvey Art Society. Since her teens, my Granny (Marie Hiddleston, if any of you bump in to her and don't fancy addressing her… Continue reading Monday, Monday – more than I hoped it would be…


Creating space

Well, it's taken me five months and it's still a work in progress, but I'm delighted to announce I am the proud owner of A Sewing And Crafting Room! (it's not quite ready for the lofty title of 'Studio' just yet). Andy and I moved in to our lovely house back in May. His Man… Continue reading Creating space